Hello Darling

I am Chelsea!

I am an empowerment & relationship counsellor / coach dedicated to help you in achieving what you want in your life, with purpose and dedication.

Helping You Create a

Life You Love!​

After many years working as a leader in the education sector, I helped transform my clients health & bodies through health products and great eating. I still do! However, I have found from experience the most important is the root causes and relationship you have with yourself, and others.


Shaping Relationship Neurology throughout Australia

"Relationships with self and others shape our whole life experience"

Chelsea is a marvel to work with and a true leader and organiser. Inrelationships.com is her brainchild and platform, to bring 1000's into contact with how Relationships with self and others shape our whole life experience.

Gareth Henry, Owner of Omega Visualisation

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Everyone that comes to see us receives a unique solution plan

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