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I am Chelsea!

I am an empowerment & relationship coach dedicated to help you in achieving what you want in your life, with purpose and dedication.

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Life You Love!​

After many years working as a leader in the education sector, I helped transform my clients health & bodies through health products and great eating. I still do! However, I have found from experience the most important is the root causes and relationship you have with yourself, and others.


Shaping Relationship Neurology throughout Australia


Chelsea’s timing to advertise her coaching on a local Facebook chat was impeccable. I read her post only days after my relationship with my partner had come to end for reasons I couldn’t understand. And thought stuff it, why not and reached out. Which was difficult enough for me to ask for help however immediately I was made to feel comfortable and welcome. After a couple of phone conversations I took the step and dived straight into her 6 week program and haven’t looked back.

I was on the brink of self-sabotage and ruining my future with my over thinking of what went wrong. That all changed during the 6 weeks when we released all my negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from progressing forward with being who I want to be.

Chelsea has given me the tools and understanding how to manage these emotions before they take control. I now read more, meditate and wake up every morning ready to take on what’s in front of me knowing I can do it. On my way to happy, healthy & positive thinking

- CJ

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