I help your self-love and worth so your relationships are empowered

Relationship Coaching

Let go of self sabotaging & limiting beliefs!
Negative emotions stop us from achieving our ideal life and relationships with our loved ones, and potential long life friends and partners.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become”

Professional Services

Effective help & treatment

Relationship Coaching​

What is your shadow? Why can you not reach your loved ones? We explore this together using advanced practical psychology techniques in our relationship and marriage coaching sessions.

Keynote Talks

Student empowerment program brought together by a collection of coaches. Innerworx is offered to schools from R to yr 6 and yr 7 to yr12 with empowerment workshops and talks.

Life Coaching

Rewire conscious beliefs and behavior through your desire to improve. Confront your problem areas with the latest techniques in neuroscience and hypnosis in a 1:1 session.​


"My future looks bright now"

I have seen Chelsa Banham in relation to coming to terms with my emotions for my past. I suffered an extreme brain injury in a motorcycle accident which changed my life.

Chelsea has helped me come to terms the emotions and change so as I can move forward in my life. My future looks bright now and could not recommend Chelsea highly enough.

Glenn Thomson

"Chelsea has held no judgement and clearly has a passion for seeing me succeed"

When I reached out to Chelsea after seeing a FaceBook post, I was feeling very "stuck" and knew in myself that I needed someone to challenge me but also to walk with me through the changes I needed to make.
From the outset, Chelsea has held no judgement and clearly has a passion for seeing me succeed.

She celebrates my wins with me and consistently offers me tools and interventions that are advancing my personal life, health and business.
I highly recommend Chelsea as a Life Coach, NLP and TLT practitioner. I encourage anyone who wants to tap into their full potential to invest in making your changes with Chelsea at your side.


5/5 (1 Review)
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